Introspecta Ltd. specializes in mentoring, developing and coaching individuals and organizations to benefit from enhanced skills of self-directed reflection, introspection. Our methods are based both on contemporary academic research and decades of pragmatic experience in the field of management and leadership coaching. Introspection, self-aware identity work, acts as a discursive and reflective tool that sculpts and improves leadership skills.

It is our firm belief that our clients shape their future selves, and are thus responsible for their own development. Therefore, we do not offer premade identity-shaping solutions to pre-existing problems but rather pose relevant questions and personalized paths of identity work to each client. Our coaching is thus tailored to each client individually in order to bring out the best in the individuals and organizations we serve.


Our services include

• Executive leadership coaching

• Turning management groups  into strategy realizing teams

• Evaluation of an organization’s culture

• Leadership identity work

• Organizational identity work

• Change management to strengthen self-directed coaching

• Interaction strategies, for teams and individuals,

   to support self-directed coaching


Hannu Laakkonen


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Anne Laakkonen, PhD
Specialist in identity work

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